Advanced Chute System 6000ubs-nh 088-6006-00


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0886006 This fits ariens or gravely 34″ bad boy 48″ 52″ or 50″ Pup Lightning ZT CZT Montana 48″ mzt

Advanced Chute System

Take Control Of
Your Mower’s Discharge!

With the Advanced Chute System’s variable stage all-steel shield, you can effectively and accurately control the discharge from your zero-turn mower. Closing the Advanced Chute System completely prevents discharge into flower beds, driveways and swimming pools.

In high-density areas where flying debris can damage windows, vehicles or even people, keeping the advanced chute at a semi-closed position forces debris down immediately, preventing straight line discharge at speeds of over 200 mph!

Built for commercial lawn and garden professionals and zero-turn mower homeowner’s alike, it’s the perfect precision chute management system for the accuracy and maneuverability of your zero-turn mower. Plus, the Advanced Chute System also turns your mower into a powerful mulching machine, perfect for fall leaf cleanup!

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Product Number: 48″ Cut: ACS6000UBS-NH; 50″ Cut: ACS6000UBS-NH; 52″ Cut: ACS6000UBS-NH; 60″ Cut: ACS6000B; 72″ Cut: ACS 7200B